Scherer On The Issues

Cut Property Taxes

As a home builder, Chris understands the impact that property and real estate taxes can have on the overall cost of housing. That’s why on the county commission Chris will vote to finally lower the millage rate and look for ways to reduce the local tax burden on homeowners and business alike.

Cut Excessive Spending and Regulations

Our county government should live within its means – just like citizens like us. Chris Scherer is a successful businessman who will take a hard look at government programs and eliminate wasteful spending and burdensome regulations that have no positive impact on our economy and way of life.

Fight Red Tide

Like many Pinellas families, Chris Scherer was drawn to our community in part because of our stunning beaches and waterways. An avid boater and outdoorsman who has experience working with our water treatment facilities, Chris will work hard to identify the main causes of Red Tide and help mitigate its effects on our community.

Back The Blue

Local families should never feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. Chris Scherer is committed to stopping the trend of rising crime by ensuring local law enforcement has every tool they need apprehend criminals and keep our streets safe. He will never defund our police!

Pass Term Limits

Term limits hold politicians accountable to the communities they serve, which is why Chris will always vote for strict term limits on local elected officials.

Keep Elections Secure

Voters deserve to know that their ballot is safe, secure, and counted. Chris will fight to ensure our elections remain among the most secure in Florida and keep bad actors out of our state.