Meet Chris Scherer


Chris moved to Pinellas County 30 years ago because he knew it was the perfect place to live the American Dream. Now, alarmed by the soaring costs of housing, ongoing water pollution problems, stifling tax environment, and never-ending growth of regulations that threaten our way of life, Chris is running for Pinellas County Commission to protect the American Dream for generations to come.

Chris is a local business owner who understands first-hand the struggles Pinellas families have faced in the last few years. In 2020, local lockdowns threatened to put an end to his family business until Governor DeSantis fought back against the county commission’s unconstitutional mandates, rescuing Chris’ business and countless others throughout Pinellas County. Chris cites the Governor’s resolve as what first inspired him to run for office to protect the community he cherishes.

At a time when out-of-touch career politicians are more concerned with self-serving decisions rather than the needs of their constituents, Chris will bring fresh leadership to the County Commission with decision making based on sound economic principles.

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in finance, Scherer relocated to Pinellas County and obtained his State of Florida certified Class-A Contractors and Real Estate Brokerage licenses. In 1999, Chris founded his family business, which he continues to proudly operate today.


The importance of public service was instilled in Scherer at an early age. His father was a U.S. Naval Captain who fought in Vietnam and while on deployment, his mother raised five boys while still making time to volunteer at local hospitals. His father’s sacrifice and his mother’s kindness toward others inspired Scherer’s drive to serve and improve his community. Scherer tutored math at Melrose Elementary, continually volunteers at St. Vincent DePaul homeless shelter, and is an active First United Methodist Church member. From 2010 to 2016, Scherer volunteered on the Saint Petersburg Development Review Commission, serving as Chairman in 2016. In 2023 Governor DeSantis appointed Scherer to the Pinellas Early Learning Coalition.